Membership terms

Membership Terms

  • The membership-card / keycard is personal and can not be lent to or transferred to others without explicit permission. The member is obliged to report lost cards as soon as possible. Lost card is replaced with a charge of NOK 100,-
  • The member is obliged not to let others in through the front door after opening the door with his personal keycard.
  • If misuse of personal membership cards is revealed, the member may be banned from the center for the entire remaining contract period.
  • Membership cards must be used at entrance / check-in, regardless of whether the door is open or if you arrive with other members.
  • The member must be at least 16 years old or become 16 during the registration year.
  • Children can not be brought to training, for safety reasons.
  • We reserve the right to make changes to our opening hours.
  • The member is obliged to leave the premises within the set closing time.
  • After the expiration of the termination period, membership may be terminated with one month's written notice.


  • Exclusion of attendance does not exempt member from complying with payment term. Failure to pay one month, we may require double payment next month. In case of failure to pay and / or that the client does not comply with the payment agreement, we will be able to claim the full amount of the contract (residual amount) paid immediately. Our offer of payment on contract (AvtaleGiro) is an additional offer beyond cash payment where we trust that settlement will be made according to the outlined contract.
  • Prices are regulated each year according to SSB price index. This wil normally be between 1.5 - 3 %


  • It is recommended to train with others, as well as to know that by using other members present, "safeguards" you by, for example, heavy freewheel.
  • All training is done at your own risk. The member is responsible for being physically and mentally fit to enjoy the benefits offered. The member accepts that the fitness center is not liable for damage to person or object or loss of items.
  • This applies irrespective of whether the damage or loss occurs during or as a result of the member or others' stay in the center.
  • The member is obliged to ensure that training equipment works before use. Members are accordingly obliged to store clothing and personal belongings in an appropriate manner.
  • The member is obliged to use clean exercise clothes and clean shoes, and preferably long training pants and T-shirts.
  • The member is obliged to keep order and put back equipment etc. after use.
  • Use of chalk (magnesium) on your hands for better grip is allowed in moderate amounts and ONLY in liquid form. Powder / bricks that make a lot of spills are NOT allowed in either the crossfit rig or the center otherwise.
  • Training bags, jackets and other personal belongings should not be brought into the gym but placed in wardrobe during training.

Termination / postponement

  • The training contract is valid for the agreed time of contract.Membership with "AvtaleGiro" continues automatically after the contract period and must be terminated in writing with one month's notice. 
  • Cancellation / postponement in membership may in exceptional cases be granted if there is a substantiated reason. The termination period must be at least 1 month. Examples: illness, maternity leave and study / work abroad are considered to be valid reasons. 
  • If the member has to cancel membership due to accident, chronic illness or similar unforeseen circumstances, only paid for the time spent until application for termination of membership is filed with documentation.
  • Abuse or violation of the above rules will give rise to a warning and, if further repetition results in the termination of membership without refund of paid training fee or termination of the agreement fee in connection period.
  • Any doping substances referred to in the IOC list will result in a lifetime exclusion from the fitness center.